Andreas Neumann
DCAPS appoints Andreas Neumann as Head of Europe

The Diplomatic Council Advisory & Professional Services (DCAPS), a management consulting practice announces that Andreas Neumann has been appointed as the Head of Europe. Andreas Neumann is an accomplished attorney based out of Munich, Germany studied economy and law in Germany, Spain, and France. Prior to founding his own law firm, Andreas worked as corporate lawyer Nörr Stiefenhofer Lutz and has worked with multinational companies in the technology and the insurance industry. Throughout his legal career, Andreas has focused his efforts in helping companies from various jurisdictions enter the European market. He is a member of different supervisory boards and has supported New Energy, GmbH, a well-known company in the renewable energy industry from its founding to its successful building of solar farms in Germany, Italy, and the UK. Andreas also serves as the Chairman of the German American Business Association. Andreas is the Head of the Diplomatic Council´s Mission in Munich and in 2018, was appointed as the European head of the Diplomatic Council Advisory and Professional Services (DCAPS).